VERON STUDIO is specialized in weight loss and fitness by natural and healthy methods.

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Clos Théodore Wright 3, 7030 Saint-Symphorien.

personal trainer

Veron Tabu

Its method

An intelligent weight-loss program

A combination of training and nutrition plans according to his customers and their objectives.

For sportive people

Veron also offers advanced sport’s practices that are composed of specific training circuits.

His experience

Professional personal trainer certified since more than 8 years.

He spent is coaching training with Fit and Well and LAPT. He also has a level 4 certification (European Register of Exercise Professionals) and CERDEN certified nutrition consultant diploma.

As a former professional basketball player, he has played as a playmaker in several European countries including Belgium (Dexia Mons), Germany, Spain,
Switzerland, England and Cyprus (Ethas Engonis). During his career as a professional sportsman, he had the chance to be coached and followed by very good physical trainers, personal trainers and nutritionist.


He is bilingual French-English and has good knowledge of Spanish.<br />


<br /> Veron travels to your home in the region of Mons and Uccle or receives you at I-fitness chaussée de Waterloo 1333, Uccle Fort Jaco 1180 and at the Clos Théodore Wright 3, 7030 Saint-Symphorien.<br />

I feel much less breathless and in better shape.

48 years

I came to do sports because I had to, today I took a taste.

45 years

I lost 50 kg in two years and adopted better habits

Deejay Simon
30 years